Development of a Phenol recovery system for processing water


During the period of time from 1st February 2014 to 31st July 2015 Sumitomo Bakelite Europe (Barcelona) SLU (SBEB) has been working on the project called “Development of a Phenol recovery system for processing water”, which has been financed by the European Economic Area (EEA) for the programming period 2009-2014 in order to create programs for reducing the economic and social disparities in the EEA and strengthening bilateral relations between the donor countries (ICELAND,LIECHENSTEIN Y NORWAY) and beneficiaries countries (certain EU countries, among which is Spain included).

The goal of the help is focused on research, development and innovation with priority on climate change and renewable energy sectors.

The project has received the collaboration from external institutions such as UAB-GTS (Autonomous Barcelona University-Separation Techniques Group), and private companies located in Europe and abroad.


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