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a wide variety of products, the ability to affect quality and cost in various stages of the supply chain, the footprint to do that globally, support by a strong material science capability form the basis of SBHPP’s value propositions.

SBHPP, SB-Aero & Vaupell solutions aim to reduce the weight of aircraft interior components, by metal to plastic conversion and innovative low weight molding techniques.

SBHPP solutions increase the passenger experience with critical surface parts, using decorative laminate materials or painted surfaces.

SBHPP’s global services range from material innovation to part assembly, from design to full production, from interior surface to airframe structure.

Integrated Aerospace Solutions & Future Products

The product portfolio of SBHPP spans from raw materials to assembled products (throught SB-Aero and Vaupell Business Units). SBHPP is committed to add more value to customers by taking on more responsibility, offering a tighter cost control and quality assurance.

Interior Solutions in concert with Chemistry

For Aerospace Interior Applications, SB provides materials science and manufacturing knowledge from monomer synthesis, polymerization and compounding, molding or impregnation, up to painting and assembly. Aero interior parts formed out of Sunloid® 4FST PC sheet is a perfect example where both quality and cost are controlled by SB accountability throughout the supply chain.

Aerospace structures

Modern aerospace structures typically require the use of composite materials, advanced multifunctional materials and thin-walled constructions.

SBHPP material portfolio provides strength and structural stabillities to obtain the level of performance required from flight primary and secondary structures.

Uses & applications

Integrated Aerospace Solutions From Molecules To Manufactured Parts

With the increasing volume of both passenger traffic and unit builds, the key trends of fuel economy and lower cost/productivity are driving increased usage of composite materials. SBHPP believes that being able to develop & deliver systems engineered from the chemistry to the assembly is critical to successful implementation of new technology on today’s aircraft. Our experience & capability to develop cost effective solutions at higher volumes for other industries such as Automotive is value SBHPP can add when partnering with Aerospace Engineers.

Global Materials and Parts Supply

As the shift of both traffic & aircraft manufacture continues to move east, SBHPP has the global capability to support new aircraft development and assembly wherever it is needed. From global resin chemistry that can be translated to any region, to composite solutions with multiple resin-fibre options, to finished part assembly.

Below is an overview of the SBHPP solution capability.

FST compliant material

Aerospace interiors

1 Interior molded components
SBHPP-Vaupell has focused on complex assemblies and high-visibility, high-cost resin products such as passenger service units, air grilles, speaker grilles, and window reveals. Vaupell also manufactures seat row markers, literature pockets, stow bin latches, attendant call buttons, leading edge seals, galley face plates, and oxygen boxes and doors. These products are molded out of complex resins for strength, chemical or environmental resistance, flame retardancy, and stability at extreme temperatures.

2 FST Resins and Pre-pregs
SBHPP provides aeronautic industry with various raw materials used for light weight panel construction, such as; Pre-preg FST resins, Honeycomb (HC) resins and Adhesives.

3 Electrical components
SBHPP thermoset compounds are used in aeronautic electrical systems (Connectors, Rack and Panel components, Terminal Blocks) thanks to their high dielectric strength, fire protection and light weight.

 Products focus

  • Composites & Molded components

    Key feature: Capable of processing high-heat, advanced polymers that meet the demanding environmental, dimensional and appearance requirements of global OEM and Tier 1 airplane manufacturers.

  • Phenolic Resin

    Applications: Pre-preg FST resins, Honeycomb (HC) resins and Adhesives.

  • Corrosion Protection Resin

    Applications: Aluminum Core Corrosion Protection

  • Short Glass Phenolic compounds

    Key feature: Improved mechanical properties, FST properties

  • Short and Long Fiber Silicone compounds

    Key feature: Fire resistance
    Applications: Connectors

Structural applications

Engine structures

1 Outlet Guide Vane and Trust Reverser
SBHPP Long Fiber Composite compounds are used in aircraft jet engine in the flow line (OGV), Trust Reverser and brackets.

Secondary structures

2 Aircraft interior
Ultra low FST properties (flame, smoke & toxicity) achieve with Long Fiber Porophen® phenolic grades and DuraPEKK® polyetherketoneketone grades allow them to be used in aircraft interior secondary structures within the highest level of performance and reliability for optimum cost.

 Products focus

  • Short Glass Phenolic compounds

    Key feature: Improved mechanical properties, FST properties

  • Long Fiber Phenolic & Epoxy composite compounds

    Key feature: Maximum mechanical properties, FST properties (PF), Impact & Explosion Resistance

  • Long Fiber Silicone

    Key feature: Fire, Impact & Explosion Resistance

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SBHPP materials and services used in Aeronautic interior systems

SBHPP Engineering materials and services enhance performances in aeronautic systems.

  • Interior panels

    • Panels; Phenolic resins

    Superior FST properties (Fire Smoke & Toxicity) of phenolic resins are used to produce prepreg composites for aerospace interiors.

  • Honeycomb

    • Honeycomb; Phenolic resins

    Superior FST properties (Fire Smoke & Toxicity) of phenolic resins are used to produce honeycomb.

  • Adhesives

    • Adhesives; Phenolic resins

    FST Phenolic adhesives are used in aerospace interior component.

  • Connectors

    • Connectors; Silicone compounds

    Small aeronautic connectors made with short fiber silicone compound.

  • 787 Attendant Module

    • Entire finished assembly

    Vaupell Produces: Entire finished assembly including injection molding, aluminum extrusion, sheet metal forming, latches, hinges, painting and assembly. There are 42 different configurations and 10-12 of these assemblies per airplane.

  • 737 BSI Window Assembly

    • Entire finished assembly

    Vaupell Produces: Injection molded parts, pressure formed shade, sheet extrusion window pane, painting and assembly.

  • 777 Wing Leading Edge Seal Assembly

    • Entire finished assembly

    Vaupell Produces: Complete finished assemblies including injection molded PEEK , extruded plastic , machined stainless steel, stamped sheet metal , titanium springs, fasteners, hardware, painting and assembly.

  • 787 Decompression Grille

    • Entire finished assembly

    Vaupell Produces: Injection molded grille and hood, baffle, seal, hardware and assembly.

  • Seat Markers for all Boeing commercial airplane platforms

    • Entire finished product

    Vaupell Produces: Injection molded placard and sublimation printing (a proprietary sublimation printing process that was developed initially for the 777 program in the early 1990’s).

SBHPP materials used in Aeronautic engines and secondary structures

SBHPP Engineering materials and services enhance performances in aeronautic systems.

  • Outlet Guide Vane (OGV)

    • OGV base; LF Epoxy composite

    Aircraft jet engine Outlet Guide Vane (OGV) base made with EM Long Glass Fiber Epoxy material.

  • Thrust reverser

    • LF Epoxy composite

    Light-weight metal replacement with high corrosion and high temperature resistant materials.

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