Copper clad laminates

  • Overview

    Epoxy resin multi-layer material for PCBs developed on our resin formulation technology, double sided Epoxy resin copper-clad laminate suitable for wide range of applications and phenolic resin copper-clad laminates produced by stringent quality assurance system are the copper clad laminates that SBHPP sells worldwide under SUMILITE®ELC and SUMILITE®PLC brandnames.

    • Epoxy Resin Copper-clad Laminates SUMILITE®ELC

      SUMILITE®ELC has good reputation for its reliability and extensive usage in various fields. CEM-3 in particular has taken the lead in the world market by its excellent workability and outstanding cost performance. Environment friendly (Halogen-free) materials are also available.


      • FR-4 standard types with excellent reliability
      • CEM-3 standard types with good punching property and V-cutting property which make complicated design for PCBs possible.
      • Anti-tracking resistance types with CTI600V by IEC method (UL-approved) and can be used for high-voltage circuits.
      • Halogen free types available
      • Specific types with thermal conductivity of 1W/mK and low CTE which enable to mount heat-generating components such as LEDs.
    • Epoxy resin Multilayer PCB Materials SUMILITE®ELC

      SUMILITE®ELC, PCB materials, that brings out our resin formulation technology best to meet various needs of customers. In addition to halogen-free type materials, considering earth environment protection, various sorts of high functions grades compose our product line-up. We have develop ped new product "LαZ®series" with high heat resistance, high elastic modulus and low CTE, that is superior in high reliability in mounting and suitable for package substrates as well.

      Environment friendly

      • FR-4 standard types suitable for electrical components for automotive, digital home appliances, etc.
      • Excellent heat resistance and low CTE among epoxy resin laminates
      • Low CTE/High heat resistance equivalent to FR5 multi-layer materials contributing to cost reduction
      • Halogen-free materials with low CTE bring high reliability for PCBs
      • Prepreg reference avaliable.
    • Phenolic Resin Copper-clad Laminates SUMILITE®PLC

      SBHPP collected its production of paper phenolic resin copper-clad laminates into SNC Industrial Laminates in Malaysia. SNC develops new products through close cooperation with related divisions in Japan. Its products' line-up are Low odor, Environment friendly, For lead free solder and so on.

      In order to meet various requirements such as much severe quality guarantee system and consideration for production environment from customers, SNC has quality and environment control system which corresponds to international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

      SNC provides high quality products to customers around the world.

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