Unclad laminates

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    Upholding this long history, SBHPP today produces and markets phenolic resin laminates and also epoxy resin laminates. In addition to these traditional areas, SBHPP is also very actively working to develop advanced new materials, as well as value-added articles to cope with the needs of a new era. We are prepared to provide quality products at reasonable prices always bearing customer needs in mind. Please don't hesitate to consult us on your selection of materials.

    • Unclad Laminates


      • Warpage and Torsion are small and consistent
      • Paper phenolic laminate thickness 0.4mm - 40mm
      • Glass epoxy laminate thickness 0.1mm - 50mm
      • Fiber cloth phenolic laminate thickness 0.5mm - 30m


    Thinner gauge paper phenolics
    Switches, volumes
    Thicker gauge paper phenolics
    Terminal boards, distributor boards, jigs
    Insulation plates for molds and dies
    Thinner gauge glass epoxy
    Carriers, reinforcing, support boards for FPC
    Thicker gauge glass epoxy
    Testing & inspecting devices for semiconductors and checker jigs
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