Epoxy resins

  • Overview

    SBHPP is one of the world leader in thermoset resin materials.
    SBHPP sells those resins worldwide under SUMILITERESIN®, SUMIMAC® and VARCUM® brandnames.

    • Liquid Epoxy Resins

      SUMIMAC®ECR/ECH have excellent workability and safety and are widely used for electrical insulation of ignition coil, relay and sensor application.

      1 Insulated filling material for ignition coil

      Separated type liquid resin: Epoxy / hardener. Low viscosity and good deforming performance for coil impregnation and excellent withstanding voltage. Easy operation with good mixing performance. Good storage stability.

      2 Insulated encapsulation material for relay. (automotive, communication and industrial equipment)

      Premix type liquid resin: Epoxy / hardener.Good heat resistance for reflow soldering. Good adhesion with phosphorus bronze terminal. Low cure temperature grade(100°C) is available.

      3 Insulating adhesive for electronics components

      Separated type liquid resin: Epoxy / hardener. Excellent electrical insulation properties. Good storage stability

    • Epoxy Coating Powder

      SUMILITERESIN®ECP is epoxy resin based coating powder and has excellent reliability, workability and safety with good adhesive strength, heat resistance, electrical insulation and high mechanical strength.

      Environment friendly
      Volatile organic compounds free
      Waste saving with returnable powder
      Good adhesive strength at coating
      Good coating performance for complicated shapes
      Coating thickness is adjustable with optimized coating condition
      High performance coating layer
      Excellent electrical insulation property and mechanical strength
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